You may think that alcohol or cigarette prices could be cheap in Turkey. But unfortunately, it is not true completely. Obviously, it is cheaper than West Europe but expensive than east Europe. At this article you can find real Duty Free Istanbul Airport Prices. And  prices updated regularly. 

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Duty Free Istanbul Airport Prices

Duty Free Istanbul Prices 2017

Before giving the Istanbul duty free price list, there are some restrictions you need to know.

In the city, prices are much higher than duty free.

There are two airports in Istanbul, Atatürk (IST) and Sabiha Gökçen (SAW) both have the similar prices.

If you are entering to Turkey, you can buy maximum;

  • 3 cartoons of cigarette (30 packs in total)
  • 1 liter of alcohol (if alcohol less then 22 percent, you can buy 2 liters)

If you are going from Turkey to another country;

There is no limit. You can buy as much as you want.




All of the prices are in Euro and 1 liter if not told otherwise.

Are you looking for authentic Turkish spirit? Then go with RAKI. You can buy Yeni Rakı or Tekirdağ Rakı. It is magical. You need to add water on it, and when you added the water, wov! It becomes white!

Jack Daniels 27 Euro
Jack Honey 24
Jim Beam 17
Jim Beam (Honey or Apple) 18
Grant’s Whiskey 14
Black Label (12 yo) 37
JB 18
Red Label 15
JB Hornet 12
Chivas Regal 32
Ballentines 18
Chivas Extra 41
Russian Standart Vodka 18
Stolichnaya Vodka 16
Finlandia Vodka 21
Absolut Vodka 19,50
Olmeca Gold Tequila 28,50
Olmeca Extra Tequila 32,50
Olmeca Silver Tequila 27
Sierra Spice Tequila 17
Sierra Gold or Silver Tequila 17
Bacardi 16
Smirnoff Red Vodka 17
Baileys 20
Jagermeister 16
Jagermeister + 2 shot glasses 18,50
2x jager (0.5 liters) + 2 shot glasses 18
Efe Aged Grape (RAKI) 18
Efe Gold (RAKI) 21
Tekirdağ Rakı 22
Yeni Rakı 19


Prices are for 1, 2 and 3 cartoons. Each cartoon contains 10 packs of cigarette.

10s 20s 30s
Marlboro Gold 28 Euro 52 Euro 75 Euro
Marlboro Light 28
Marlboro Red 28
Muratti 22 40 56
Parliement (normal, carat or hybrid) 32 60 85
Red LM 20,5 38 54
Winston Blue, Red 66
Kent Switch 40
Rothmans 20
Camel (all types) 22 42 60
Kent Silver 26 50 72
Pall Mall 20 38 54
Lucky Strike 20
West Red 20 38 54